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Company Overview

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LCE is an energy and sustainability company. We produce carbon and energy reductions that will outpace your competitors. Take the sustainability pledge to go green today!

LCE can support you in:

  • Making your energy use more efficient
  • Keeping your energy spend to a minimum
  • Leverage usage data to improve organisational performance
  • Utilise the technology that will enhance your infrastructure and empower your people to drive carbon efficiency into your business

For more than seven years, LCE has delivered the technical expertise and energy management solutions that help businesses achieve their strategic goal.

LCE has a team of top-tier energy engineers and environmental sustainability advisers who care deeply about delivering exceptional outcomes for your organisation.

Managing Director, Darren Jones, & Sustainability Consultant, Ria Larkins, provide an insight in to LCE, the potential issues facing sustainability in the NHS and the exciting projects we are currently working on!

Right size. Right resources.

Unlike mega-players in the Energy consulting industry, the LCE team will base solution recommendations on what you need, not the technology we’re trying to sell. Collaboration is a keystone of our delivery approach. We align with clients, turning engagements into long-term partnerships.
LCE applies tested methodologies to increase the speed of projects and improve return on investment. These approaches can also reduce risk and increase functionality according to each client’s needs.
LCE provides better communication than the large national providers, because we speak your language and truly understand and appreciate the organisational constraints and day to day challenges faced by our clients. As a client, you have unmatched access to our consultants. We are open, secure, mobile and will adapt to your specific business needs. In fact, we like to provide on-site account management and always have resources for you nearby.

Exceptional delivery of energy and environmental sustainability services

LCE provides a comprehensive list of solutions.
• Energy engineering consulting and energy management strategy to remove energy wastage and promote organisational efficiency
• Support for best sustainability practices within your organisation
• Energy usage intelligence, including performance and big data management, to turn data into insight
• Quality assurance and testing to save time and money when spending capital on new technologies
• Measurement and verification for projects, providing sound support that optimises your capital investments
• Compliance offering full turn-key solutions to a broad range of statuary and taxation requirements such as AC inspections, Fgas, CRC, DECs, EPCs

Industry-specific Expertise

With LCE, you’ll get both technical expertise and industry knowledge. Most of our consultants are former practitioners in the industries they serve. We can bring you experts in the fields of energy and utilities,sustainability, finance, healthcare, hospitality, education, manufacturing, public sector, as well as transportation and logistics. We understand your business, can help you benefit from industry-specific best-practices and have created a customised approach with full ISO9001:2015 accreditation, to accelerate delivery, lower costs and reduce risk of implementation.

Our Services


Retained Energy Managements Services

Committed to helping companies make savings to reduce their carbon footprint through analysis of their current plant and equipment, energy policies, energy usage and energy procurement systems.

Sustainability Services

Working towards your 2050 goals

Tailored to your specific requirements, Mindset 2050 takes organisations beyond compliance by targeting environmental resource efficiency, to improve overall performance.


Helping ensure our clients remain compliant

LCE provide a number of services that are suitable for organisations who are simply looking to meet compliance regulations. Our team of Energy-Engineering Consultants are registered with the Energy Institute (EI) and Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

The GK Group

Low Carbon Europe is a member of the GK Group along with sister company GK Transformation. As trusted partners in the public and private sector, for over 25 years, the GK Group deliver Sustainable Financial and Carbon Savings.Group logoGk Signature