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What is EUTS & CRC

The European Union Emissions trading scheme(EUETS) and Carbonprotect-450596_960_720 Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) are legislative drivers implemented by the Government that will help the UK minimise carbon emissions, whilst ensuring that we have access to clean and affordable energy for years to come.

EUETS and CRC will address these issues in two main ways:

  • Charging organisations on the carbon emissions that result from their energy use.
  • Putting the environmental performance of organisations in the public eye, by publishing the performance of all those covered by the scheme in a league table.

How Low Carbon Europe can help

Low Carbon Europe can offer a complete solution, our services range from compliance only to a fully outsourced CRC service.
This includes management of data, legal compliance, maintaining your evidence pack and any EUETS or CRC reporting obligations.

For more information on our Euets & CRC support & advice, please contact Low Carbon Europe on:

T: 01273 862586 | E: james.holford@lowco2.eu