Site overview

The West London Mental Health Trust is one of the largest and most diverse mental health services in the country.

It provides care and treatment for around 20,000 people each year and serve a local population of around 700,000 residents.

The Trust employs around 4,000 staff and serves the local community across Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham and Hounslow.

The Low Carbon Europe Audit

Low Carbon Europe was commissioned by the Trust to undertake a two-day audit of the BEMS at Broadmoor Hospital and highlight any areas, which could be improved, specifically to reduce energy consumption, cost and carbon emissions.

Broadmoor Hospital actually exceeds the current mandatory target for specific energy consumption (SEC) of between 55 and 65 GJ/100m3 with a rating of 49 GJ/100m3.

Our consultants found that while the site is performing well in regard to its gas usage, there was room for improvement when it came to electricity usage. This could largely be achieved through better “housekeeping” measures, according to the audit.

The audit was also asked to identify any medium and long-term capital investment plans, which could help the Trust reduce energy costs and its carbon footprint further.

Our consultants came up with a series of proposals, which included: The Trust should adopt a Carbon Management and Water Policy:

  • Switch off lights in the Sports and Visitors Centre for 10 or eight hours a day in order to reduce costs
  • Use a microscopic liquid cover to preserve the swimming pool’s heat
  • Altering the fresh air setting
  • Modifying the BMS strategy to provide compensated heating control and circulation pump “hold off” when temperatures drop below 30 C
  • Scheduling heating circuits against outside air temperatures
  • Replacing pipe work insulation

The recommendations in the audit were all broken down by cost, estimated savings and energy savings.

In addition, our consultants also suggested that staff be encouraged to switch off lighting in areas, which are not occupied and familiarize themselves with lighting controls.

The audit also recommended that a full survey of all existing meters connected to the BEMS be carried out, as the actual number connected was not known.

Low Carbon Europe estimated these proposals could save the Trust more than £110,000 and 2,380,000 in kWh. The Trust’s carbon emissions would also be cut by 952 tonnes a year. According to our calculations, the improvements would cost a total of around £35,000 and pay for themselves within four months of being implemented.