SDU Saving CarbonLow Carbon UK are pleased to be supporting NHS Sustainability Day, an international event for the NHS and healthcare facilities outside the UK, aimed at raising awareness of the health implications of climate change, encouraging changes in behaviour and action on the day itself. Its timing is aimed to reinforce the messages, within the healthcare sector, demonstrated during climate week.


Environmental sustainability within the NHS is an area which has become an increasing focus over the past 3 years, since the establishment of the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and the publication of its carbon reduction strategy in 2009 ‘Saving Carbon, Improving Health’. The strategy demonstrates that the NHS emits 21tCO2e a year, comprising 60% from its supply chain, 18% attributable to travel and 22% being produced from its the building energy. The NHS have committed to achieve the Climate Change Act targets and have set interim targets ahead of time in order to ensure emissions are reduced; improving local air quality by reducing building energy and transport emissions, increasing activity through the use of sustainable modes of transport and improving economic sustainability through the use of locally gown and locally sourced produce.


Watch this space for more information on events that will be happening on the day!