If the answer is yes, then you are not alone amongst NHS Finance Directors;

Energy costs have increased exponentially during the last 10 years within the NHS, with energy demand also at its highest and still indicating continual increase, alongside expected CRC tax increases, then lots of business leaders will also be asking the same question, as a consequence Trust’s will be concerned about the effect energy will have on their operating costs leaving them vulnerable to higher uncontrollable costs.

For most Trust’s, its normal practice to procure energy through some form of public sector contract, ensuring you are getting the best unit rates.  This is all good practice in terms of managing the commodity however, the more important step is to consider implementing a sustainable energy management strategy that will actually focus on reducing the amount of energy you consume within your business. “Demand Management”

A suitably deployed energy management strategy should deliver energy savings of between 10% and 30%. This will be made up of a behavioural change plan to engage, educate and empower the work force and a strategy to deploy suitable energy efficiency projects across your estate, that fit within suitable payback periods (typically 1-3 years).

One of the first steps to undertake is to sit back and then honestly ask your Trust the following question;

Are you in control of when and where energy is used within your Trust?

Is everything turned off when your Departments, offices and other areas are closed, is heating and lighting only being used when it is required, and not just as a bad habit of turning everything on and then leaving it on throughout the day.

Can you monitor the actual usage of your individual sites on a daily basis so that any unusual energy spikes can be quickly eliminated?

Sometimes faulty HVAC or lighting equipment can prevent plant from being switched on and off, in these cases the appliance can just keep running until noticed, sometimes running for days, weeks or months until costs are spiralling out of control.

Low Carbon Europe are an independent  consultancy specialising in energy reduction we are on both GPS (GCloud) and LPP Procurement Frameworks and can work, on your behalf to design and implement a suitable energy management strategy, that will significantly support the Trust’s Sustainability Development Plan (SDMP) deliver real efficiencies and sustainable saving targets, to improve your bottom line performance.

For an initial discussion to understand how Low Carbon Europe are working with Trust’s like yours and how they can support your Trust reduce your Total Energy Costs, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01273 862582 or email info@lowco2.eu.