Low Carbon Europe actively supported a number of Trusts, who we are currently engaged with for retained energy management and sustainability services, to help promote NHS Sustainability Day. We saw our Trusts’ across the country link to local sustainability organisations to promote good environmental practices.

Sustainability day 2015

Within the Trusts, primarily the Estates & Facilities Team supported the event, recognising that all staff have a huge role to play in helping work towards sustainability. For example, recycling in the NHS is a simple and effective way for a Trust to save significant amounts of money. A recent audit of 100 clinical waste bags at one of the Trusts Low Carbon Europe is engaged with, showed issues around correctly separating waste; cardboard, paper, drinks bottles and cans were mixed in with clinical waste. The difference in cost of disposing domestic waste compared with clinical waste is 50p compared to £1.50. When thinking of the large amount of waste produced by the Trust daily this soon adds up to significant numbers. The message at this particular Trust for the day was clear; if we can improve recycling by ensuring waste goes in the correct bin, then we will continue to be on track to make greater cost savings and improve our environmental impact.

Meanwhile, an important part of any Trust’s sustainability strategy is to engage staff and encourage them to adopt good energy housekeeping practices, such as turning off lights and equipment when not in use and closing doors and windows. The cumulative effect of these small actions can have a big impact, as demonstrated by Bart’s Health who found £6m worth of savings following the TLC campaign. By participating in Sustainability Day, the Trusts Low Carbon Europe supported have begun to share these key messages with staff and patients.

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