Low Carbon Europe’s Energy Consultant, Marco Romani, delivered a presentation to the London Borough of Hounslow Planning Division focusing on CHP and District Heating Networks. As a key requirement for ensuring carbon dioxide reductions necessary for planning permission in accordance with the London Plan (Policy 5.2), Marco focused on how the technology works, viability and environmental and economic benefits, in order to enable the Council to undertake a detailed assessment of proposed schemes as part of planning submissions. For more information on CHP, District Heating Networks and the planning process, please contact: Marco.Romani@lowco2.eu

David Carlyon delivered his presentation on emerging policy changes, ‘zero carbon’ homes and Carbon Offset Funds. With the introduction of the ‘zero carbon’ homes policy for major residential developments from 1st October 2016, developers are able to offset any carbon dioxide shortfalls by making a financial contribution to London Borough Carbon Offset Funds. Collected payments are subsequently spent on energy and sustainability projects within the local area. For more information on ‘zero carbon’ homes, Carbon Offset Funds and the assessment on Energy Statements, please contact: David.Carlyon@lowco2.eu