We’re pleased to announce that LCE has welcomed another member to its team.

Tom has joined LCE as our new Energy & Sustainability Consultant, he brings 6 years’ knowledge and experience to the team.

Tom said “I am really pleased to be joining LCE. For me a career in the energy and environmental industry is immensely interesting with each day bringing new challenges and opportunities. Being able to support people and organisations to reduce their environmental impact, whilst saving them money, is deeply rewarding both in terms of my professional development and personal values.”

Doug Bailey, Executive Director added, “I’m very pleased to welcome Tom to the LCE family. He brings a wealth of skills to an already very talented team, so I look forward to him getting more involved in supporting our clients in their efforts to become more resource efficient”. 

We asked Tom a few questions about both work and his personal interests.

Why did you choose a career in the Energy and Environmental industry?

I have always had an interest in environmental issues and energy efficiency which led to me studying the subject at university and pursuing a career in energy management and sustainability. Helping individuals and organisations identify improvements that save money, reduce environmental impacts and benefit society is something I find incredibly fulfilling and, I believe, has never been more important than it is today. 

Who inspires you?

Without naming individuals, my inspiration comes from the many dedicated professionals I meet on a daily basis working in energy management and sustainability. Not only have I personally learnt a lot from them, but if there is one thing that gives me cause for optimism in tackling climate change, it is these people, and their ideas, innovation and drive. I believe that it is people who are key to unlocking the opportunities involved in energy management and sustainability. 

What are you passionate about?

My passions include food, music, film and football. I also enjoy spending time in the garden or the allotment growing fruit and vegetables. 

What’s the best task you are working on right now?

Recently I have been developing Sustainable Development Management Plans for several NHS Trusts. Not only does this require gaining a comprehensive understanding of the organisation and its priorities and objectives, but it also involves engaging senior staff in the process to ensure buy in from decision makers. The Sustainable Development Management Plans will guide Trust’s sustainability journey over the next five years and support them in tackling the challenges arising from climate change.

Do you have a talent or hobby you do outside of work?

I am a keen cyclist and enjoy building and fixing bikes. My partner and I have an allotment in Brighton where we grow veg (when we can keep the slugs away!) and hope to keep bees and chickens in the future. Other hobbies including books, music, film and football. Recently I have completed several woodworking projects, which involved learning new skills and techniques.

What’s something you would like to do this year that you have never done before?

Having just submitted my M.Sc. dissertation, I am looking for a new challenge and plan to join an amateur football team to play competitively by the end of the year. As I haven’t played in quite a while, hopefully this will also be added incentive to exercise more!

What is the most exciting part about your job?

The most exciting part of my job is that every day is different. Often my work requires me to be on site for client meetings or energy surveys, in different parts of the country and interacting with lots of people. 

Can you describe your typical day working in the LCE/GKT Team?

As mentioned, every day is different. I can be working in the office or remotely from home, or out on-site meeting with clients.   

What are your personal plans/goals for the coming year?

Over the coming year I am hoping to start the process to achieving Chartered Energy Manager accreditation with the Energy Institute, in addition to achieving several other professional qualifications. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to craft an energy/sustainability management plan?

My advice would be to start by identifying your organisation’s key impacts and developing a plan to measure these impacts and set a baseline and targets for future action. Further to this, having clear objectives is vital to keep everyone involved focused, and keeping projects on track. Clear objectives and messaging can also help in getting key stakeholders and building users on board.