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Energy and Sustainability in the Built Environment

Our specialist Sustainability Consultants provide on-going support to Local Planning Authorities in order to ensure that all proposed developments achieve carbon and sustainability compliance in-line with national and local regulations. Services include, but are not limited to;Planning Services web

•Full assessment of Energy and Sustainability
Statements to ensure compliance with the
Building Regulations, London Plan and Local

• Support in updating Local Plans,
Supplementary Planning Documents and
Sustainability Frameworks.

• Provision of expert advice to Planning Officers
and Development Management in light of
national policy and legislative changes.

• Wider policy support in relation to emerging
schemes, including Carbon Offset Funds, the
Home Quality Mark and Passivhaus.

LCE are able to provide consultancy support for all residential, commercial and mixed-use developments, at the planning, design and post-construction stages.


Carbon Offset Funds

Opportunities to Increase Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in your Local Planning Area

Following the announcement in the Mayor of London’s  Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) (March 2016) that all major residential developments will be required to achieve a ‘zero carbon’ standard from 1st October 2016 onwards, London Boroughs now have a great opportunity to utilise their Carbon Offset Funds. Where developments are not able to achieve carbon compliance as part of the planning approval process, any shortfall in carbon dioxide emission reductions will have to be accounted for by making a financial contribution designed to decrease emissions and increase sustainability across the local area.

Carbon offset fund web

How LCE can Help

Low Carbon Europe provide Energy and Sustainability Support to Local Authorities across the country in order to ensure the highest available environmental standards. Our dedicated planning and policy unit is able to draw upon the team’s specialist energy efficiency, decentralised energy and renewable energy knowledge to secure exemplar and innovative sustainability solutions in the built environment.

Policy Support and Carbon Calculations

LCE has provided expert planning and policy support in relation to the design and implementation of Carbon Offset Funds in accordance with Greater London Authority (GLA) and Local Plan requirements. We seek to work across interconnected divisions, including Development Management, Regeneration and Policy, in order to ensure that all developments secure full compliance with planning requirements relating to energy and sustainability. Our team have assessed hundreds of energy and sustainability statements for a multitude of residential, commercial, mixed-use and refurbishment developments across the capital. This enables us to provide tailored advice in relation to the Carbon Offset Payments for each relevant development.

Management and Consultancy

Low Carbon Europe’s project managers, sustainability consultants, policy specialists and environmental engineers are able to design, implement and manage a variety of bespoke projects using accrued funds in order to secure the best available benefits for the local environment, residents and businesses. Drawing on a wealth of experience with both private and public sector clients, we are able to offer a range of innovative solutions, including:

  • Retrofit Projects
  • Energy/Environmental Auditing
  • CHP and Decentralised Heating
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Carbon Reporting and Benchmarking
  • Fuel Poverty
  • Energy Efficiency and Business Resilience for SMEs
  • Sustainable and Low-Carbon Travel Solutions

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To discover how LCE can help in the development of your Local Planning Authority’s Carbon Offset Fund, please contact our team today.

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